As America’s Crime Rate Rises, Biden and The White House Change Their Tone on Law and Order

As America's Crime Rate Rises, Biden and The White House Change Their Tone on Law and Order

The president of the United States and his vice president have tried to make sure that the police do not get their money taken away, but they do not want them to take care of violent crime. The police help with robberies, murders, assaults, and retail theft.

Recent rises in crime have led many Americans to question the “defund the police” movement. People think that we should give more money to law enforcement. This is because cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York have said no to this idea and people agree with them. A Fox News poll found that most voters disagree with reducing police funding and moving it somewhere else.

Before taking office, Joe Biden said on the campaign trail that he would be “absolutely” OK with efforts to redirect some police funding. But when he got into office, he was talking about how Republicans are lying about the Democratic Party’s efforts to take money away from the police force.

When he said that he never said defunding the police, his words did not match what he had claimed before. He also said that we need more policemen, not fewer policemen.

But as president, Biden has not yet said that he wants to take money away from police departments. The White House says that the president wants to make more money for police officers.

In 2020, Harris was the first female district attorney of San Francisco. She refused to answer questions on whether she supported the “defunding the police” movement.

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A lot of people died because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The police didn’t like it and there were protests. But crime went up too. It went up 16% across major cities in one year.

The FBI said that cities with more than a million people saw an increase in violent crimes, and those with between 500,000-1 million saw an increase. Cities with fewer than 10,000 residents saw a decrease in violent crimes.

Before the election, Joe Biden talked about the Black Lives Matter group. He said that it was time to take care of racism in America and reform our criminal justice system. And he also said that America has failed the Black community too many times before.

Harris praised the “brilliance” and “impact” of the BLM protests. She said they were necessary for September 2020. And in December, she tweeted that Americans should keep saying “All Black Lives Matter.”

But the protest movement has been showing public anger towards the lack of support from Joe Biden’s administration.

Black Lives Matter said in a tweet that minority communities are being terrorized more than they were under Trump because of Biden sending more military equipment to these neighborhoods for the police.

After meeting with the White House officials and the leaders of Black Lives Matter, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told CNBC that they are surprised by how little progress has been made on issues that matter to Black people. These are the same people who voted for Biden-Harris in last year’s election.

Biden and Harris faced criticism for not apologizing to all the people who were hurt during the protests.

In January, Biden did not acknowledge those violent protests. He said that if the people who took part in the Jan 6 storming of the Capitol were Black Lives Matter protesters, they would have been treated differently.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said this week that the Biden administration is working with the Justice Department and FBI to give resources to cities that were hit by organized smash-and-grab robberies. She also said that she thought the COVID-19 pandemic was related to people stealing things from stores because they didn’t have money for food.

Biden recently signed three pieces of legislation. These pieces of legislation help police officers, law enforcement, and federal officials.

The White House didn’t respond right away.

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