Senate Passes Resolution To Repeal Biden Vaccine Mandate, With Help of Two Democrats

Senate Passes Resolution To Repeal Biden Vaccine Mandate, With Help of Two Democrats

Yesterday, the Senate passed a resolution to repeal President Joe Biden’s vaccination-or-testing mandate for private-sector employers. The vote was bipartisan, and it is a rebuke of a key component of the White House’s Covid-19 strategy.

The measure needed 52 votes to pass. It passed in a vote of 52-48.

Everyone who is a Republican and two people from the party that are not really Republicans voted for it.

“I don’t like mandates,” Tester said before the vote. Afterward, he said that these federal requirements are “burdensome regulations.”

Senator Mike Braun, who is part of the Republican party, introduced this resolution. He argued that Joe Biden had no authority to impose these requirements. Senator Braun celebrated this vote on Wednesday evening.

“This bipartisan vote is a message to the @WhiteHouse. They need to stop and stop this crazy federal overreach,” he tweeted.

Senate Republicans argue that they think vaccines are important, but they believe the mandate is not right.

The vaccine is very important, especially for people who have had the omicron variant. But the Republicans are going to make it happen. They are making it difficult for people to get vaccinated. The White House should acknowledge natural immunity.

The resolution will need a lot of Democrats to vote for it in the Democratic-controlled House. Republicans will need a lot of Democrats to vote with them and force a vote on the measure.

The House would pass this resolution, and then it would go to the president’s desk. The White House said that they would veto the bill, though they may change their mind. This bill was not passed with a majority of votes in the Senate, so it could be vetoed.

Biden, in September, made a rule that businesses with more than 100 employees need to vaccinate their workers. Also, federal contractors need to be vaccinated. This is because many people are not getting the vaccine.

CSU News reported that 76% of Americans had had a vaccine dose. That is more than 1/4 of the population. The U.S. has been averaging about 1 million doses a day, which is a lot of people!

Federal courts have blocked enforcing the law that would make people get a vaccination. Some judges think that Biden is trying to do too much.

The president of the United States cannot control who gets hired or fired at every company. He says that this is not possible.

Democrats have said that Republican opposition to the mandate is one reason people are not getting vaccinated. This will make it hard for our country to fight the pandemic.

Chris Murphy, a senator from Connecticut, said that we should be careful with what we say on the floor. He said that Republicans know that when they talk about vaccines and attack them day after day, they are giving people ammunition to fight against vaccines.

He said it is strange for GOP senators to say there is no connection between the anti-vaccination campaign in America and those who talk about how dangerous it is to require people to get the vaccine. There is a connection.

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