No Defunding Police In Buckeye State

No Defunding Police In Buckeye State

COLUMBUS – Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted today announced that they are proposing that the state spend money to help citizens be safe from violence and to help first responders.
The proposal would give $250 million to state and local first-responder agencies to fight violent crime. The act would help them not feel bad because there are more crimes.

Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted announced the details of their plan this afternoon. They worked with members of the Ohio General Assembly, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and other first responders.

This proposal spends $175 million to help prevent and solve crimes in communities that have had more violence or faced difficulties fighting against it. The plan would help law enforcement officers like peace officers and criminal justice partners by giving them things like multi-jurisdictional collaboration, focused deterrence, and gunshot detection technology. Funds will be used for things that help law enforcement. You can use them to develop programs that will let the police have access to ballistics technology and to help reduce evidence testing backlogs at Ohio crime laboratories and coroners’ offices. These backlogs have increased because of the pandemic.

A total of $75 million will be used to help first responders. They will use the money to help people who are stressed because of COVID-19. The money will be used to support wellness programs in different areas and suicide prevention training that helps people who are stressed because of COVID-19. The government would give money to new programs to fix the workforce. You could get help with your training or do something like an explorer program where you can learn about first responder careers in high school or college. They will also work on how people feel about police officers to make sure that they are friendly and helpful.

The Buckeye State Sheriffs Association appreciates the efforts of Governor DeWine and his administration. The first responders have done a lot of work for the last 20 months.

Mayor Muryn said that the state funding for crime prevention would help their city. They can go to jobs and do other things with money because it is a lot of money. The governor is helping them.

If the Ohio General Assembly approves, $250 million will be awarded through the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

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