‘Corporal’ Added to law Enforcement Roster in Travis County

‘Corporal’ Added to law Enforcement Roster in Travis County

On Tuesday, the Travis County Commissioners Court approved a new job for law enforcement. The money to pay for this job will happen soon.

People can be classified as corporal. The class will be between senior deputy and sergeant. Instead of hiring new people, the constable offices and park ranger services will reclassify people who are already there as corporals.

The new classifications will cost the county $62,685 for the 2022 fiscal year. This number goes up to $83,580 for a calendar year. For Constable Precinct 4, which is being asked to pay this amount of money, it costs $9,660 for the fiscal year, and then you have to divide that by 12 months.

The County Compensation Office says that they have a problem with gaps between the rank of sergeant and deputy. They want to create a new rank called corporal, which would be in between the two ranks. The new rank would serve as a training ground for potential sergeants and allow expanded coverage.

Each constable precinct and the park ranger service needs two corporal positions. The police precincts 1, 2, 3, and 5 and the park ranger service can pay for the position changes themselves. The police precinct four cannot do that.

The peace officer pay scale working group is asking the Commissioners Court if they will fund Precinct 4’s request to reclassify two corporal positions. The parties involved in this conversation agreed that instead of asking for new positions, they would ask to reclassify senior deputy positions.

The item came before commissioners last year. The POPS working group was still deciding how to implement the corporal position, so commissioners were asked not to use the title “corporal.” The commissioner, Jeffrey Travillion, made a motion to establish the corporal position. The other commissioner, Margaret Gómez, seconded it.

The POPS committee has done a really good job. They have worked together and with our offices to make sure we are prepared to move forward. I am very well with all the work they have done.
Chief Deputy Noel Johnson of Precinct 5 said that this is a much-needed career advancement tool. This helps the constable offices and the park rangers. We appreciate everyone’s work on it, and we think it is helpful.

The motion was agreed on.

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