Man Shot in Car in Oakland After Dispute at Intersection

Man Shot in Car in Oakland After Dispute at Intersection

OAKLAND — Yesterday night, a 31-year-old man was shot in Mosswood Park. He got into some kind of argument with another man while he was in his car.

The man is in good health.

A shooting was recorded at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Webster Street. It was reported around 10:39 p.m. Monday night.

The victim was in his car when a man came from the side and shot him. The victim’s car was going eastbound on West MacArthur Street, and he stopped at Webster Street for a traffic signal.

The gunman got in a car and drove away. The vehicle was probably a truck.

The man was hurt, but he could still drive. He went a short distance before crashing into a tree in the middle of the street with his car. The crash happened near Kaiser Hospital, close to Broadway.

OAKLAND police are trying to figure out the reason for the shooting. No one has been arrested yet.

The Oakland Police and Crime Stoppers are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information on the person who shot another person. Anyone with information may call the police at 510-238-3426 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.

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