Two Girls Killed in NH Car Crash

Two Girls Killed in NH Car Crash

Two girls died after being ejected from the car on I-93 near Vermont. They were killed in a crash.

A big truck drove on the highway, and the driver lost control. He was heading north, just south of Exit 44 in Littleton, around 7 p.m.

A truck fell off the street and onto a median. The truck slid sideways and then rolled over, killing two girls that were riding in the back of the truck. The police do not know how old they are. But they are younger than adults.

Couture was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Some people went to a scene. They are from the fire department and the police. The New Hampshire state police also went. If you know something about a crash, call or email Trooper First Class Daniel Quartulli at 603-223-8993.

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