Several More Omicron Cases Are Detected in The U.S.

Several More Omicron Cases Are Detected in The U.S.

More people in the United States have the virus, Omicron. Five people in New York City and Long Island have it; other cases are reported in Minnesota, Hawaii, California, and Colorado.

Gov. Hochul of New York said a 67-year-old woman from Suffolk County on Long Island had the new variant of the Covid-19 virus. She had been vaccinated and just got some mild symptoms. There is no cause for alarm because it’s not widespread in the population yet.

Minnesota health officials said that a man was infected with the Omicron variant after traveling to New York City.

This woman from Colorado became the first person to get Omicron. She had been fully vaccinated and eligible for a booster shot but hadn’t yet received it. She had mild symptoms and was isolated at home.

There is one case of Omicron variant in people who returned from South Africa on November 22nd. Another person was vaccinated but went to South Africa on November 25th, and they have it too.

A person who lives on Oahu has been infected with the coronavirus. This is the first case of this kind in Hawaii. The person had previously been infected by the virus, but they were never vaccinated.

There are many things about Omicron that are unknown, including whether it is more contagious and can make people sicker.

The man lives in Hennepin County, which is where Minneapolis is. He was vaccinated and got a booster shot in November. He doesn’t have symptoms anymore.

The man had no problems until November 22nd, when he went to New York. Lots of people go there. He didn’t go anywhere else in the United States. The city has asked everyone who went to the convention to get tested for this virus, but they should do it quickly, or it might be too late.

A man that was close to him has tested positive for the coronavirus. Scientists are not yet sure if the person who tested positive also had the Omicron variant.

Genetic sequencing is used to find out which variant a patient has. Recently the United States has been doing more of these tests, but it can take time. The Centers for Disease Control says that ten days is the average amount of time it takes to get results back. Right now, about 14% of all positive P.C.R. tests in the U.S are being sequenced.

Though the new Omicron variant is getting attention, the old Delta variant of the coronavirus is still around, and it can be bad for Americans who are not vaccinated. The people who are not vaccinated are more likely to be very sick if they get this virus.

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