Fresh Appeal Over Murder of Jim Donegan in Belfast

Fresh Appeal Over Murder of Jim Donegan in Belfast

Three years ago, Jim Donegan was murdered. We are asking for information about this murder.

On 4 December 2018, a 43-year-old man was shot and killed as he waited outside of a school to collect his teenage son.
He was sitting in his red Porsche Panamera car when someone attacked him. The police are trying to find the person who shot someone. They don’t know who it is yet.

A PSNI detective chief inspector said that a murder happened in broad daylight. The killer was a lone gunman, and he killed someone in front of hundreds of schoolchildren and their parents. He didn’t care who saw him or who he would disturb. He showed total disrespect for those near him.

“The information police need is in the community. Today I am asking the community for help. If you know anything, please tell the police.

DCI Phelan said, “Jim was a husband, a brother, and father to two. This would be like if someone took your loved one away in an ugly way.”

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