One dead, Two Hurt After Argument leads to shooting in Pine Manor

One dead, Two Hurt After Argument leads to shooting in Pine Manor

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a shooting that left one person dead near the Family Discount Food Store in Pine Manor.

People in the neighborhood are trying to figure out why this happened.

“One man heard the shots. Michael Henjum was there before the deputies got to the scene and before it was dark. He heard five or six shots.”

In seconds, he knew what had happened. “I turned, and I told everybody, those are gunshots because I shoot a lot of guns. The man on the ground was shot. And there was another person standing next to him who also got shot.”

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies said that those two men knew each other.

Two men had a fight, but it got worse. One man took out his gun and shot the other one. 

Marceno said that one person was killed and two were injured. They will survive.

That news does not surprise Henjum. “This world is gotten so crazy that it’s just sad to see this kind of stuff happening, and you know, it’s strange. I am not shocked because this is happening so often now.”

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