Felon Accused of Owning Two Firearms in Racine

Felon Accused of Owning Two Firearms in Racine

RACINE — A person who has been found guilty of a crime, like stealing something, can’t have guns.

Romelo Harris, who lives on Metron Court, was charged with two felony counts of being a felon and having guns. He also had less than 200 grams of marijuana which is not very much. And he did not listen to the officer when told to do what he said.

A criminal complaint said that:

On Tuesday, the police came to the house. The house was in Metron Court, and it was 1100 blocks away.

The officer smelled the smell of marijuana when he arrived. He saw that there was a lot of money on the floor and a bag with 4.3 grams of marijuana in it!

The officer searched the bedroom and found many bullets in a pair of boots. There were also 26 grams of marijuana in a baggie, two pistols, and many packages of marijuana. The officer found that there was cocaine on one of the scales they found too.

Harris was given $1,000 by the Racine County Circuit Court on Wednesday. A preliminary hearing will be on December 9 at the law enforcement center in Racine County.

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