‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

'Bob's Burgers' Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More (1)

The Bob’s Burgers movie has been coming back after a long time. Finally, we’re about to see Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher on the Big Television screen. Bob’s Burgers is feasibly one of the best television series, especially for teenagers. We have received all the details related to the movie you need to know so far.

When is Scheduled The Movie “Bob’s Burgers”?

The Movie Bob’s Burgers was publicized first in October 2017, then it’s been moved from 2020, 2021, and finally, the scheduled is set to release date May 22, 2022. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the movie orderly was pushed back to April 10, 2021. After the announcement to come out about the movie, fans are getting curious to know when it will premiere. Then it was assured to fans by the film’s director Loren Bouchard that the film was still in progress, and he and his team wanted to take a new release date in front of you.

Then, in the month of September 2021, the teaser poster was unveiled for the film by Disney and also revealed its new release date May 22, 2022.

What is Bob’s Burgers Movie About?

It is explained by Bouchard The Bob’s Burger Movie is known for musical, comedy, mystery, and kind of adventure. The Series follows the Belcher family; Bob and Linda run Bob’s Burgers restaurant in the seaside town and live above their restaurant with three kids Tina, Gene, and Louise. The struggles Bob can be seen that how he want to succeed as an owner in small time burgers restaurant.

'Bob's Burgers' Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More (2) (1)

The Cast of The Movie Bob’s Burgers

Once more, H. Jon Benjamin will give voice to Bob Belcher, John Roberts will give voice to Bob’s wife Linda Belcher, Dan Mintz will give voice to Awkward eldest child Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman will give voice to dopey middle child Gene Belcher, and Christen Schaal will give voice to shelter the youngest child Louise Belcher.

Outside of the Belcher gens, others who will organize to look will be Larry Murphy vocalizing family friend Teddy. Hugo(Sam Seder) will lead the role of Health Inspector.

Availability to stream The Movie Bob’s Burgers

Once the theatrical window is finalized and then the availability to watch on HBO Max first, no worries, there are other platforms to enjoy this movie Hulu and Disney+, for viewers.

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