Two Dead at Duanesburg Home

Two Dead at Duanesburg Home

DUANESBURG — Two people died at home on Wednesday night. State Police said early on Thursday morning.

Police were called to the house near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 7 at about 9:15 p.m. The police have not said what happened yet. They don’t know how the victims died or if others were hurt. This is not a threat to the public now, but we will know more soon.

Law enforcement officials have not said much about the incident. They have not said how the people died or if they were hurt. The police and other emergency workers were at the house all night. They helped find who did it. It is not a threat to the public.

Sidewinder Photography posted video footage of law enforcement near a home. They were at the intersection. The correspondent said it was a mass casualty event involving young victims.

Reporters for the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office and district attorney’s office didn’t respond to reporters’ questions on Wednesday.

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