Dead Md. Woman Was Mother of knife-Wielding Man killed by Police

Dead Md. Woman Was Mother of knife-Wielding Man killed by Police

A woman was found dead in her garage. She is the mother of the man who had a knife and was shot by police at home on Saturday.

A call was made to the Anne Arundel County police on Sunday night. The caller said a man with a knife chased her from home and that they did not know where another woman who lived in the house was. Police went to check and found both women safe.

At home, officers met a man. When they came, he was holding a knife.

When Yorro refused to drop the knife, we tried to use non-lethal force. But it didn’t work, so we had to shoot him with a gun. We shot him so many times, and he died right away. His mom was dead too, and she had been killed in the garage.

Court records show that Yorro’s mother, Valentina, asked for a protective order against her son last year. She wrote that her son had been using drugs and was having hallucinations. The same day she also filed for emergency custody of Yorro’s daughter.

My son has been very confrontational to the point where I am scared for my safety. This man was getting very close to my face, and he didn’t care about anything. He wouldn’t even stop if I called the cops.

Valentina Yorro was the grandmother of her granddaughter. She had emergency custody, but it was taken away because Siera Monroe testified. The judge granted Valentina temporary protective order, but then she asked the judge to dismiss her request for protection.

Monroe said that Digno Yorro had problems with her mental health.

“It was very hard for me to watch someone that I loved so much suffer,” Monroe said, “I’m telling myself that he’s not suffering anymore.” The family was staying at Valentina Yorro’s house after Thanksgiving. They saw Digno Yorro carrying a knife and realized his mother wasn’t there. Monroe went to the garage. Monroe said that Digno Yorro threatened her. Monroe left with her daughter and called the police.

Monroe tried to use her phone to record the police. The officer told her that she could be detained if she didn’t put it away. She heard six gunshots later.

Police officers’ cameras were recorded during the incident. It is usually difficult to get the video released, but it usually happens within 14 days of an incident.

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