Police Officer, Two Other Victims, killed in Wild Georgia Shooting

Police Officer, Two Other Victims, killed in Wild Georgia Shooting (1) (1)

Tuesday night, three people were killed in a shooting. Two of them are police officers, and one is a civilian. It happened in Georgia at night. Police are still investigating the incident. A woman and a little boy were both shot near Jervis Court. The police got a call about this, and they went to the place. They found both people at two different places.

After police responded to the area, a person shot at them. They were then forced to shoot back. Henry Laxson, an officer in Clayton County, was killed when he exchanged gunfire with the person. Another officer was also wounded.

Two other people were killed by the gunman, and he was also shot dead.

The boy was in critical condition but stable.

A video of the shooting was taken by a Ring Doorbell. This is a camera that you can put on a door to see who wants to enter your house. The reporter got this video from CSU World Record.

We just heard an array of sounds. We heard gunshots and sirens coming from every direction.

It’s crazy, said Walker.

The information on what caused the violence is not immediately available.

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