Elderly couple found dead in Moss Landing home

Elderly couple found dead in Moss Landing home

MOSS LANDING — A couple aged 89 and 88 were found dead at their home on Monday. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a murder-suicide.

MOSS LANDING Police have identified the person who died as Arthur and Hiltrud Muenzel. Just after 7 a.m., the police were called to a trailer park on Dolan Road in Moss Landing because somebody said they shot their wife and wanted to kill themselves. Arthur Muenzel told his friend that there would be nobody at the house. The friend then called the police. They found Arthur Muenzel dead and Hiltrud Muenzel with gunshot wounds. It is an apparent suicide.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office also went to the scene. They are now in charge of the investigation.

At this point, we know that this is a murder-suicide. There was no note, and it is not clear if the person committed suicide or if they were killed with another weapon. Simpson said Hiltrud Muenzel had fallen in the past month or two, but she isn’t sure if that had anything to do with her death.

Simpson has been watching social media. He was shocked when he found out about this murder-suicide. He knew both the boy and the girl that died.

A lot of people in the area have said that they are friendly. They have lived around here since the 1970s. Neighbors said that they never heard any arguing, and we have never had to respond to a domestic dispute or something like this before. The investigation is still going on.

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