Black-Ish Season 8 Release Date, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far

Black-Ish Season 8 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far (1)

The next season of “Blackish” will be the last, and we’re thankful for that. Usually, you don’t get to decide when your show ends. It is rare for this to happen. We wanted the show to end in a good way, and we were happy about how it turned out. It’s also great because all of the cast members are coming back for one last season!

“Black-ish” was successful for ABC. They got a prize called a Peabody Award and Emmy awards too. It did well in the ratings. There are other shows that have come from this show, like “Grown-ish.” “Mixed-ish,” which was about Bow Johnson’s childhood, got canceled after Season 2.

What cast members are returning in Season 8 of “Black-ish”? How does it start? What happens in the end? Here is everything we know.

Release date of Black-ish Season 8?

The final season of Black-ish will be on Tuesday, January 4, at nine-thirty pm. It starts in the middle of the season instead of at the beginning, like with other seasons. The first episode is part of the ABC Fall lineup, but there are many more episodes after that.

The show has lost many viewers, and that might be because it was on during the summer. It used to be on in the fall. People might not watch it anymore because they don’t think it is profitable. But Anthony Anderson said he wanted to end the show his own way, not someone else’s idea about what should happen.

We should see if Black-ish works better on a schedule that airs in the middle of the season. The final season will start soon.

The cast of Black-ish Season 8?

Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Leslie Stevens will be back for “Black-ish” Season 8. Anthony Anderson plays Dre Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross plays Rainbow Johnson, and Leslie Stevens plays Peter MacKenzie. People may also recognize Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson. These people will all be in the show to play their different roles at home or at work with different names for some characters to make the show interesting.

Michelle Obama is going to be on the first episode of “Black-ish.” She is the second politician to appear on this show. The first was Stacy Abrams. Michelle Obama is someone who was First Lady before. Yara Shahidi, who plays Zoey Johnson in “Grown-ish,” will also be there. She’s Dre and Bow’s daughter now, but she also stars in “Grown-ish.”

What’s the plot of Black-ish Season 8?

“Black-ish” is a show about an African American family. It tells the story of the family. The father, Dre, is not sure how to act with Black culture because he is privileged. His wife, Bow, is biracial and knows how to be more than one thing. They try to raise their five children in a changing world.

This show is about a family called the Johnsons. They have changed over the years. The father’s boss joined the show, and they nearly divorced. Their daughter also got her own show, “Grown-ish.” The family had some hot-button political issues to deal with too. Season 8 will probably be like that too, with lots of changes for this family.

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