Public Warned Against Reporting False Cases

Public Warned Against Reporting False Cases

A man was arrested on November 20th for reporting that his five-year-old nephew was kidnapped in Johannesburg, South Africa. A police spokesperson said that a man claimed four unknown armed men had stopped him. The man was driving with his nephew when it happened.

Four men threatened him with guns to get him out of the car. They then took the child and rode away on their bikes. We decided to try and find them so we could save the life of the child.

The man lied, and the car was not hijacked. The child is also safe. The Gauteng Province Commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, strongly condemned the incident. Children are kidnapped sometimes. We are obliged to investigate if this happens.

The false report of a crime will use the resources of the police. These people could have used these resources to help people who really need them. Or they could have helped the police with their real crimes.

The speaker said that we should work with the police to protect women and children. We are doing a 16-day campaign against violence. We hope that people will fight against crimes that happen to women and children all the time, not just during this time.

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