Two Men Dead in Separate Atlanta Shootings

Two Men Dead in Separate Atlanta Shootings

ATLANTA (CSU) — Atlanta police are investigating two shootings that happened at the same time.

The first shooting happened late at night on Thursday. When the police went to a place where someone was shot, they found a person with a gun wound. Someone took him to the hospital, but he died from his injuries. Police in Atlanta responded to an incident. They are trying to figure out what happened.

Less than two hours after the last call about a shot, there was another one from Boulder Park Drive SW. The police found a man who had been shot one time. That man died from his injury, and he was taken to the hospital.

It is not clear if two incidents are related, but detectives from the APD are trying to find out what happened.

The suspect(s) are still not caught.

This is a developing story. We will have the latest update as we get more information from reliable sources.

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