Survivor Found in a Coal Mine Accident in Russia’s Siberia

Survivor Found in a Coal Mine Accident in Russia's Siberia

MOSCOW — A man has been rescued from a mine in Siberia. He is the only one who survived. There are many people who are dead in this mine, but he is the only one alive.

The man who survived the Russian mine is being taken to the hospital. Sergei Tsivilyov, the governor of Kemerovo, said this on a messaging app. He lives in Siberia, and he is from a mine called Listvyazhnaya.

The man from the mine was a rescuer. We thought that he was dead, but he was alive.

The mine had 11 miners who died and three rescuers. Six more bodies were found on Friday morning. Thirty-one people are still missing. The governor said that it’s unlikely anyone could be alive at this point in the crash because it has been too long.

On Thursday, there was an explosion in a mine. There are fumes that are bad. Rescuers stopped looking for people because of too much gas. Sixty-three people needed medical treatment as of Friday morning.

On Thursday, the news said that there was no chance of finding any more survivors. It also reported that there were 52 people who died on Friday morning. A survivor was found on Friday morning. This brings the amount down to 51 people who died.

A mining accident in Russia killed many people. It was the deadliest since 2010. In 2016, 36 miners were killed when there were explosions in a coal mine. After that, authorities did an analysis of the safety of all the country’s coal mines and found that 34% were unsafe.

The Russian officials are sad. They declared three days of mourning. The Investigative Committee has found that some laws were broken. It is looking into the fire at the mine which killed many people. The mine director and two other managers were arrested because they broke these laws while people died in the fire. Today, it was announced that another investigation is being launched into the alleged negligence of state officials who inspected the mine earlier this month.

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