Waukesha Christmas Parade Horror: Wisconsin Police Union Official Reveals What’s Next in Investigation 

Waukesha Christmas Parade Horror Wisconsin Police Union Official Reveals What’s Next in Investigation  (1)

On Monday, November 22nd in 2021, the president of the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police said that people need to be careful about thinking about what might happen on Sunday evening during a parade. Ryan Windorff thinks that things will change. They have not been fixed after a long time.

Further Procedures of Case Investigation

The detectives would interview people at the crime scene and review footage. There were a lot of witnesses to be interviewed, so they watched security footage and looked at cell phone videos. The crime happened in front of a big crowd. Even if someone from the witnesses would not have seen the crime, they could still help the investigators by looking at video pictures of it on their phone or by watching security cameras from their house.

Moreover, after the incident, people were posting videos on social media. The videos showed that while people were standing in the parade area, a Ford SUV came from nowhere and hit some of the people.

Statements of Police Officials

Furthermore, the police agents would get all of the details about a crime suspect and arrange them in order of what happened and when it happened. The police have the main person who committed the crime. The car used in the crime is also with them now. But they do not know why this happened.

Waukesha Christmas Parade Horror Wisconsin Police Union Official Reveals What’s Next in Investigation  (1)

Ryan Windorff said in his interview that when the police department knows why the incident happened, they will share it with the public. Still, people should not make any false or wrong assumptions until then. The police officers have said that five people were killed, and more than forty people got hurt, including children.

The police were expecting the parade to go smoothly and peacefully, but this did not happen. The parade caused a huge accident that no one had expected. This was one of the worst tragedies that occurred suddenly on their watch. Ryan Windorff appreciated the police department and citizens for their bravery. They made people feel safer during this terrifying time.

The police caught the possible crime suspect and also the car he used. But we still do not know what happened. The police are trying to find out what happened. They are trying hard to find out what happened by digging deep. They are also looking for any other activities that may be related to this incident.

Since the crime rate is going up every day, the responsibility of the police and other departments has become more difficult. They have to protect people and make sure they are aware of any possible danger.

No matter how much someone tries to instill fear and violence until and unless the concerned departments are working fairly and faithfully, no one could succeed. We really hope that the families of the dead ones and the people who got injured get their rightful justice after the police investigation completes. 

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