Good Doctor Death Causes Shaun to Explode, Alter Wedding Plans With Lea as ABC Medical Drama Enters Hiatus

Malcolm X's Daughter Found Dead in Midwood Residence (2) (1)

The Good Doctor is coming back in spring 2022. Until then, watch Monday’s episode. It has a lot of suspenseful moments that are worth seeing.

In the fall finale of The Boys, Dr. Glassman had a meeting with a realtor. He planned to move from the hospital to Montana, but then his first wife showed up at his house and asked him to help her husband. 

They found that he had a tumor that was pressing on his carotid artery and mimicking symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia.

Glassman and Ilana talk about the death of their daughter Maddie. They had a fight when she thought he was replacing her with Shaun. But it turns out that Glassman only knew Dr. Murphy because of his cancer, and he didn’t know him until after Maddie died. At first, she thought that Shaun was the reason why her ex moved away.

But it turns out that wasn’t true. She understands now that Shaun has helped him in many ways. After he had surgery, she told him not to move to Montana, and she encouraged him to stay in San Jose so he could be close with his son. “He makes you better,” she said, and she’s right.

As for Lea, she talks to Shaun and tells him that she changed his patient satisfaction scores. She is sorry about it, but her fiancé won’t accept her apology.

In the story, a pregnant woman gets into a car accident. She has to have the baby soon because of this. But they get medicine that is out of date, and they do not realize it until after they give it to her. So she dies, and then Dr. Lim tells Salen that their mistake caused this death. Somebody is talking to the chief of surgery. 

They say that it is best if we keep the cause of death from the baby’s mother. But they will talk to Ethicure’s lawyers first and then tell her. In the final scene, Shaun is very angry. He starts smashing vials of expired medication. Lea tries to stop him, but it is no use. Shaun was angry about his partner’s betrayal and Glassman’s abandonment.

“I can’t trust you!” Shaun yells, throwing their wedding contract in the trash.

When Glassman enters the pharmacy, Shaun is hyperventilating. He tells Shaun to breathe more slowly. Then Shaun confronts Glassman.

“You are a bad best man! You said you would never abandon me. That is not true. That is a lie! Why are people lying to me? Why?”

Shaun is yelling. “If you had been in the hospital, the baby would not have died!”

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