Children Among at least 45 Dead in Bulgaria Bus Fire

Children Among at least 45 Dead in Bulgaria Bus Fire (1)

Stockholm (CSU) – On Tuesday, a former Iranian prison official will testify. He was accused of handing out death sentences in 1988. The trial is in Sweden.

A senior interior ministry official said that children died on the bus, and many people were taken to hospital with burns. This happened on the Struma Highway. It is 28 miles west of Sofia. Either the bus caught on fire and then crashed, or it crashed and then caught on fire. A person said that there were 45 fatalities. But then the ministry said that there were 46 casualties, and then they changed it to one less than what they said earlier.

Bulgaria’s National Police Chief Stanimir Stanev confirmed that 52 people were on board and the driver. A lot of the people who were victims were from North Macedonia. A person from the country’s embassy told BTV. They were coming from a trip to Istanbul in Turkey. They were going back to Skopje, the capital city. That is where they live.

Bulgarian Interior Minister, Boyko Rashkov, said that people are “clustered inside and are burnt to ash.” He said the picture was very scary. He never saw anything like that before. We do not know what caused the incident, but it seems as though the bus hit a barrier before or after it caught fire.

The Bulgarian officials don’t know how the bus caught on fire, but it is either because it hit something or because it was already on fire. Footage showed the burnt-out bus in the middle of a wet road. The bus was charred and gutted by a fire. There were lots of firefighters and emergency crews. The place was sealed off with police officers.

“I am scared,” Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev told BTV. “This is a terrible tragedy.” He said he talked to a survivor who said they were sleeping when there was an explosion. Representatives from the country of Macedonia visited the hospital where some victims of the crime were taken. The news agency Novinite reported this.

The survivors of the hospital are all in stable condition. There are two women and five men who are all doing well. Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Yanev went to the crash site. He said it was a huge tragedy. He said, “I take this opportunity to send my condolences to the relatives of the victims.”

We hope that this tragedy will teach us to prevent future tragedies.

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