Assault-Accused Melbourne Doctor in Court

Assault-Accused Melbourne Doctor in Court

A doctor in Melbourne who did something wrong and is accused of it will go to court. A man who was arrested on Tuesday appeared in court. He is accused of six counts of sexual assault involving four patients and another person.

Police say the people at the clinics were assaulted. The assaults happened between June and September last year. The patients allege that the doctor touched them in a way that is not appropriate. His lawyer, Diana Price, said: “inappropriate touching” is what they are saying.

“The allegations against Dr. Cassim are contested, and we will need to have a contested hearing,” she said. Eleven people will give information at the hearing. They are patients and a forensic medical officer.

She also asked for medical records for three of the four patients. Magistrate Helen Murphy decided to schedule the hearing for seven days from September 5, 2022.

Cassim will go to court on March 3.

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