Woman Found Dead, a Man in Custody After an Hours-long Standoff in Se Portland, Police Say

Woman Found Dead, a Man in Custody After an Hours-long Standoff in Se Portland, Police Say (1)

PORTLAND, Ore. — A woman was found dead after a long standoff in southeast Portland. She had been there for hours. The police told us what had happened. There was an incident at 3:30 pm on Sunday in the 2400 block of Southeast 171st Avenue.

There was a call to 911 by someone who said she was being held, hostage. Police investigated. Before the police came, neighbors called and said that they heard shooting. The police came to the house. They said that the person who lived there shot at them.

The officers set up a line around the house, then called for more help. The police went to the person’s house and said they shot a bullet at them. A spokesperson said a person with a chemical weapon started shooting again.

Eventually, the officers were able to get inside the house by using a robot. Police said they could see a man inside, crawling around on his hands and knees. According to Portland Police, the suspect barricaded himself in another room in the house.

Police officers were able to get into the room with the suspect and put him in handcuffs at 1:10 am. When the police went to a home, they found a woman inside who was dead.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner will tell us how the woman died. The cause and manner of death. It is not known yet. The suspect was taken somewhere to be checked. We do not know his name yet.

The investigation continues on the north side of Division Street. Southeast 171st Avenue is closed.

If anyone knows anything about this, please call Detective Michael Greenlee at (503) 823-0871 or Detective Brad Clifton at (503) 823-0696.

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