Vice Season 8 Episode 10: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Vice Season 8 Episode 10 Release Date, Recap & Preview

In Vice Season 8 Episode 10, the topic is about America and Ethiopia. A Vice News correspondent will travel to a region in Idaho called  “American Redoubt.” That region has become the migratory hotspot for conservatives following the 2020 election. Conservatives have moved because they wanted to get away from cities that were liberal, and they wanted to change local politics. The prime focus of this episode seems to be one of the festivals for conservatives.

Vice reporter Julia Steers will travel to Ethiopia to cover the onVice Season 8 Episode 10going civil war. There are innocent people who have died, but Julia will cover one of the biggest cases of massacres in this civil war. There are spoilers ahead!

Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of Vice follows two different stories about topics like the environment and politics. One story is about the “Cancer Alley” in Louisiana, where there are many petrochemical plants and oil refineries. This area has been criticized. The other story is about Alzo Slade, who travels to this area.

The corridor has been causing problems. It has been giving rise to many issues. The episode looks at the health conditions that industries have created, and Alzo travels to the place to find out how this impacts people’s health. But that is not all! Paola Ramos also travels to Cuba, where she observes the state of a 62-year-old Communist dictatorship.

Vice Season 8 Episode 10 Release Date

Vice will release a new episode on November 21, 2021. The title for the episode will be “Land of the Free.” It will cover the Red Pill Festival in Montana. In it, you can expect to see Trumpist republicans rallying behind the controversial pro-gun stance and also anti-liberal posters and inflammatory protesters.

Another story that this episode will be covering is about the Ethiopian conflict. A civil war in Tigray has killed many people. The show’s host goes to a region where there was a very bad massacre.

Watch Vice Season 8 Episode 10 Online — Streaming Details

The next episode of Vice will air on Showtime at 8:00 pm ET/PT. You can also watch new episodes of Season 8 on their website. There are other options to watch the show online too. For example, you can use live TV services like Fubo TV, Sling, and Hulu+Live TV to stream Vice online.

What is Vice About — Plot Details

The Vice TV series started with Shane Smith, the creator. He also is the person who hosts it. Bill Maher made episodes of Vice for six years. When he stopped, Showtime picked up the series. The first episode airs on March 7. Besides Maher and Smith, Suroosh Alvi, Fareed Zakaria, Eddy Moretti, BJ Levin, and Tim Clancy have also been executive producers. The series premiered on HBO in April 2013. Season 2 of the series gained an Emmy Award.

Vice is a show that tells about what is happening in the world. Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi go to different corners of the world and tell us about it. They also bring in other people like Ryan Duffy and Thomas Morton to talk with them. The topics they cover always come with high stakes, which means it can be dangerous.

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