Suspect in West Hollywood Stabbing Arrested in LA

Suspect in West Hollywood Stabbing Arrested in LA (1)

West Hollywood deputies arrested a man who is suspected of stabbing another man in West Hollywood. The man was walking home from the store when he was attacked.

Police arrested David Cook on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Martel Avenue in LA.

A person from the public told the police about Cook after recognizing him from a photo in a press release about his surveillance video.

A man named Cook was taken to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station. He was put in jail. Cook had done something wrong, and he will be put in jail for a long time.

On Monday, someone was stabbed at a shopping center in the 7800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard.

Deputies went to help a victim after he was stabbed. The fire department had already come, and they were treating him. He told them that he had just left the store with sodas and was walking home when someone came up in Back him and stabbed him.

The victim was injured and went to the hospital. Doctors said they are now better and are at home.

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