Police Searching For Man After Cat Found Dead in Lancing

Police Searching For Man After Cat Found Dead in Lancing (1)

PORTLAND, Ore. (CSU) — Authorities said a woman died after a standoff in the Portland, Oregon area. Police were going to check on her welfare when shots were heard fired.

KOIN reports that Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct responded to a welfare check. Someone called them and said they were being held hostage and needed help.

Several people called the police and said they heard gunshots in this area.

Once the police arrived, a suspect shot at them through the door. The window and door were shot with at least 30 bullets.

The suspect in the apartment started shooting at officers. They broke the windows and used a chemical agent, and then the suspect shot at them. The police did not shoot back.

Authorities broke down the door to a house. They saw a man crawling around the floor, and they went into another room.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Monday, the man was arrested by the authorities.

Police found a woman’s body inside an apartment. The Oregon State Medical Examiner will tell us how she died.

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