Police: 1 Dead after UTV crash in Bennington County

Police 1 Dead after UTV crash in Bennington County (1)

POWNAL, Vt. (CSU) —A 49-year-old man has died after a UTV crash. The Vermont State Police said he was taken to Albany Medical Center. They said he later died there.

On November 20, the police responded to reports of a single-vehicle crash. Wilcox was driving, Tanya Taylor and Eric Becker were riding next to him. The police think that alcohol and high speed are reasons why the UTV crashed. The three people in the car flew out of it when it flipped over.

Wilcox was badly injured, and Taylor had a few injuries. They were both taken to the hospital.

Police said that the people in the car weren’t wearing their seatbelts or helmets when they crashed. The car was also wrecked.

People still don’t know why the plane crashed. If you have any information, you can talk to Sgt. Justin Walker at the Vermont State Police Barracks in Shaftsbury. His number is 802-442-5421.

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