Multiple people dead, at least 23 injured after SUV plows into crowd at Christmas parade in Wisconsin

Multiple people dead, at least 23 injured after SUV plows into crowd at Christmas parade in Wisconsin (1)

A car drove into a group of people. It’s not good. It hit many people, and they got hurt. We don’t have enough information about the driver or the condition of those who were injured, but we think there are at least 23 people who got hurt, and some may be dead.

Authorities recovered the driver’s car. They also took one person into custody. The police chief didn’t say anything about the motive behind the attack, but he did mention that children were among the victims.

When there is a big fire, first responders help people. They take 23 people to the hospital – 12 children and 11 adults. Police and family members took other people to medical facilities.

A car crashed into people in Waukesha. It was 4:40 p.m. when it broke through barricades, 40 minutes after the parade started. After the crash, witnesses said that it looked like people were scared, and there was no more fun after they saw the crash.

Mayor Shawn Reilly participated in the parade. The first half of the parade was happy. A terrible tragedy happened. A man said, “Today, we walked in the parade and saw happy children sitting on the curb.” Then it turned into a terrible tragedy.

A police officer shot at the car in an attempt to stop it. No bystanders were hurt by the gunfire. The police do not believe that shots came from within the car.

We heard people scream. It sounded like they were excited or happy, but then it changed to sound like fear and terror. It sounded as if the screaming was coming closer, and then we saw a car go past us. When we looked, we saw people flying everywhere.

Kaylee Staral, who works for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, attended the parade with her family. Lots of parents and kids were there too. The parade was supposed to be an exciting event for everyone. A bunch of little kids was there. People came to get into the holiday season too.

There was a bad accident. A car came and hit people. Four people were hurt on the sidewalk near Staral and her family, and they could hear people screaming and crying all around them.

No one expected anything bad to happen. People were watching the parade and having a good time.

The Waukesha Police Department has set up a place for family members who were separated in the chaos.

Images from the parade show that people ran away. Emergency personnel came to help them. And some of the people left their belongings on the street.

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