Officer Hurt, 2 Michigan Men Arrested After Chase in Northwest Indiana

Officer Hurt, 2 Michigan Men Arrested After Chase in Northwest Indiana

Police said that a serious injury happened when the kidnapping suspect drove head-on into an officer. It was Saturday in northwest Indiana.

The cops got a call from someone who said their daughter was being held against her will in a car. The person had a gun and was traveling east on Interstate 94 from the border of Illinois.

The police found the car near Burns Harbor. The driver was going to stop but instead sped away and left the highway at State Road 49. Three Porter police cars followed him southbound with their emergency lights on. The man then turned around and drove northbound in the southbound lane, directly toward the three police cars at high speed, said officer ____.

The suspect crashed into one of the police cars. One of the police officers suffered injuries, but they weren’t serious and weren’t life-threatening.

A man was arrested when the suspect’s vehicle stopped. Two people ran away. He was from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and he was 25 years old. They found him at a gas station nearby after they found out he had a gun that was stolen in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Three people were in the suspect’s car. The female got hurt, but it wasn’t serious.

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