Man Shot in Fairfax County Store, Police Say

Man Shot in Fairfax County Store, Police Say

The police say that a man was shot by another man in a store. The other man said he had to shoot or else he would have been hurt.
Yesterday, police officers went to the Food Star at 5521 Leesburg Pike in Virginia. The person who was killed was taken to the hospital because they were injured, and it looked like they could die.

The police say the shooter is talking with officers, and detectives are investigating.

There was a lot of gunfire in the Bailey’s Crossroads neighborhood. It happened near many stores and restaurants. There have been other violent crimes here, too.

A Target employee was arrested for stabbing and killing his coworker. It happened in the parking garage on April 12th (last month).
There is no connection between that case and the one at the Food Star.

This is a story that will change and get more information.

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