Man charged With Murder of Pensioner Found Dead in Home

Man charged With Murder of Pensioner Found Dead in Home

A man was charged with the murder of a pensioner who was found dead at his home. David Varlow was 78 years old and lived in Manor Lane, Halesowen. He was a much-loved brother and uncle.

The West Midlands Police say that Adris Mohammed, 44, of Icknield Port Road, Birmingham, has been charged with murder. He also tried to break into another house.

He was charged with burglary on November 3 and also fraud. Mohammed will be at the Birmingham Magistrates Court on Monday. The police found Mr. Varlow on November 15 after they gained entry to his home.

The police released a statement from his family. They said, “We are devastated to have lost our much-loved brother and uncle. There are no words we can use to describe how we feel.” We want to thank the police for their hard work and how they are dealing with this case.

David’s neighbors called the police to help him. We are sorry that you were hurt.

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