‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 11 Episode 4: Story Takes a Backseat to Great Absurd Moments

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 11 Episode 4 Story Takes a Backseat to Great Absurd Moments (1) (1)

Over the last few seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, they have been about building a story around a central idea. For example, in one episode, they try to make a coffee shop just so they can say that someone tried to do it. The way these episodes build up and everything ties together is impressive. It has made Curb Your Enthusiasm one of the best comedies on television for several years running.

Season 11 continues the idea of telling a story over several episodes. In this season, Larry David wants to make Young Larry. The first three episodes have focused on Young Larry, but the 4th episode does not mention it much. Instead, it focuses more on silly things that happened in the past when he was young. It is one of the funnier episodes so far and a good break from this season’s bigger storyline.

In the story, it is Larry and Jeff’s idea to try and get Woody Harrelson on Young Larry. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Harrelson has won an Oscar and talked about animal equality. By the end of their meeting with Woody, they have lied to him about having a farm and a cow called Jessie with plans to take him there.

In this episode, Larry is trying to find a cow. He ends up going to the temple with a friend and meets a doctor played by Kaley Cuoco. She wants him to take a test in order for her to give him glasses. Vince Vaughn plays Freddy Funkhouser, who was in love with the doctor before she met Larry. The doctor broke up with Freddy because he could not pick up an orange candy she dropped on the floor – which was actually Pirate’s Booty! JB Smoove helps Leon get over his fear of eating watermelon.

But these are not the most important parts. The other parts are when Larry has a problem with Klansman Joe, who was wearing his robes. Larry spilled coffee on them and then offered to clean them for him. This starts a series of favors that lead Larry to explain why he must help Klansman Joe look good for his hate crimes. Some people think Larry is not smart for helping Joe. But Larry thinks Joe is like a man he has wronged before. He thinks about things like the MAGA hat and someone else who’s named Don Jr. and how they are all different. Not one of them understands the person next to them, but they do not know this.

Unlike the episode Angel Muffin, The Watermelon is not as great. Most of these stories are not very good, but each story has at least one funny moment. The funniest moment of this episode was when Larry replied to Jeff. He said that the name Jessie for a cow is stupid. I really liked the moment between Larry and Jeff.

Larry says that Leon should buy a watermelon at the grocery store. Larry tells Leon that he is not good at buying watermelons, so he will help him. Larry talks too much about how to buy a watermelon. The first conversation Larry has with the klansman is so funny because it is so pointless. It’s funny that Larry can’t decide anything at all. David and Cuoco are also arguing about something funny. Vaughn, John, and Cuoco are telling a story that is not very important, but they keep saying Pirate’s Booty over and over again because it sounds funny.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is a funny show in a way. It can tell a larger story with intricate details that connect to each other, or it can go over-the-top and ridiculous. But even when it is silly, like when Larry David says “Pirate’s Booty” over and over again, it can still be great. The episode about the watermelon shows that sometimes Curb Your Enthusiasm does not need to be complicated to be fantastic.

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