Farming Simulator 22 Update Boosts Performance Powered by Nvidia

Farming Simulator 22 Update Boosts Performance Powered by Nvidia (1)

Farmers don’t have to worry about their resolution and frame rate. Farming Simulator 22 for PC will have NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA DLAA. A video by NVIDIA shows how the game looks clearer with these features, while a new trailer shows the snowy landscape of an Alpine region.

Thanks to DLSS, Farming Simulator 22 will be better on systems with graphics cards from the GeForce RTX series. It will make the game sharper and more smooth.

The DLSS-option is a great new option for people who want to play the game in 4K. The thing is, the game only has a 1080p resolution. But using AI, it can still show beautiful and sharp images that are as good as 4K!

There is a new way to play games called DLAA. It uses the same technology as NVIDIA DLSS, which means you can have even better graphics in your games.

When you turn on DLSS, snowflakes will start to fall. It is called Erlengrat because the snowflakes are smooth. The new map trailer invites all players to the mountainous landscape inspired by European Alpine regions. You can see three maps now in the game after Elmcreek and Haut-Beyleron.

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