Black Clover Flashback Reveals New Look at Yami’s Past

Black Clover Flashback Reveals New Look at Yami's Past (1)

Black Clover has revealed a new thing about Yami’s past. In the latest chapter, we have seen how he came to be a leader of the Black Bulls squad. We’ve seen this before for some members, but now we know more about their leader!

Yami, captured by Zenon Zogratis and taken to the Spade Kingdom to be sacrificed for the Advent of Qliphoth ritual, finally returns. Yami tells about his past in the Magic Knight squads. He put together a misfit Black Bulls squad that fans know today.

Chapter 313 in the series is about Yami. He finds out that his grimoire is for Dark Magic. That made him a pariah to the Clover Kingdom, and it was even worse because he was already a foreigner there. The Wizard King (interested in Yami’s unique magic) talked to him and told him he could join the squads. Then he met all of the other Captains, and each one had different reactions to young Yami. He starts to get closer to Nacht’s brother Morgen.

As seen before, Morgen’s death was a big inspiration for Yami to start a squad. At first, he wanted to run it because he wanted to protect people like him. When they found out that Morgen died, they all got emotional and cried for their captain. It was clear that he accomplished his dream of protecting them.

What did you think of the new look at Yami’s past in Black Clover? Do you want to see more of her past in the future of the series? Tell us about it all in the comments! You can also contact me on Twitter @Valdezology for anything related to cartoons and other cool stuff.

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