Woman Dead After Rollover Crash in Kensington

Woman Dead After Rollover Crash in Kensington (1)

Police said a woman is dead after a crash in the Kensington, Maryland, area. This happened on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said a 72-year-old woman died from her injuries after being in a car accident. Her death happened at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9, at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Franklin Street. Police say that the woman was a passenger in a black 2007 Toyota 4Runner, and it got hit by a blue 2006 Toyota Tacoma. It was going east on Franklin Street, and the other car was going north along Connecticut Avenue.

In a crash, the 4Runner turned upside down. The woman in the car was hurt and went to a hospital where she died. As of Thursday morning, her name had not been made public.

The people who crashed into each other were also taken to the hospital. They were hurt, and we took them there.

Detectives are still trying to figure out what happened. If you have any information, call them at 240-773-6620.

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