Mitchell Jones Murder: Where Is Dunte Lamont Holmes Now?

Mitchell Jones Murder Where Is Dunte Lamont Holmes Now (3) (1)

When the police in Marietta, Georgia, got a call from someone who sounded like they were dying, they put emergency responders on it. When they got there, the front door was unlocked, but Mitchell Jones was locked up in a room. They had to break the door open to get him out. When they found him, he was lying on the ground with blood everywhere.

Jones was barely conscious when he died. He had some information but couldn’t tell the police who had killed him. Investigation Discovery’s “A Time To Kill” told the story of the murder and how it was solved with Google location data. Is this case interesting to you? We have more details!

How Did Mitchell Jones Die?

Mitchell moved to Georgia in search of a better life. He was very kind and liked to make people happy. One day, he had an idea for an invention and told his family about it. But they didn’t listen to him, so he left with sadness in his heart but with the hope that someday people would remember him as someone special. And that’s what happened; many people still think about Mitchell after many years have passed since he left us.

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The police received a call and did not know where the crime was happening. When they got to the house, there was blood all over, and the door was unlocked. They found the victim injured in a room at their house. They thought it was a crime of passion because it looked like violence happened quickly, and there were many injuries to his body.

Mitchell Jones got hurt. The doctors said he had many injuries to his head, face, and chest. He went to the hospital soon after that. He was unconscious when the police came to talk with him about what had happened. They wanted his name so they could find out who hurt him, but Mitchell died before he could tell them. The doctors found evidence at the crime scene that might help them find out who is responsible for hurting Mitchell Jones so they can take him or her away from society where they cannot hurt anyone else again.

Who Killed Mitchell Jones?

Although the police found a lot of evidence at the crime scene, none of it matched anything in their database. They could not find any eye-witnesses to the crime, and Mitchell’s family did not know anyone who might want to hurt him. According to the show, the police found that Mitchell used to have many male friends. Each one of them was investigated and cleared of suspicion. That is why the case sat dormant for a long time without a lead or a specific person of interest.

Mitchell Jones Murder Where Is Dunte Lamont Holmes Now (1)

Mitchell was killed between 9:09 pm and 9:29 pm. The police found video footage of the crime happening. They also know where it happened, which is INSIDE Mitchell’s house. The police wanted to try different things to find out who the killer was, so they used geofencing as a way of finding people’s locations on their phones.

The police got a warrant from Google for the location data from their phones. This gave them any person who had the Google app on their phone at the time of the murder. Four numbers were found that were near the scene at that time, and three of them turned out to be neighbors while one led straight to Dunte Lamont Holmes, Mitchell’s acquaintance, who was not even on the police’s radar before then.

Once brought into the police station and faced with the evidence, Dunte admitted to killing Mitchell. The police found that Dante’s DNA matched perfectly with blood from the crime scene and found out where Dunte was on the day of the murder by using his phone. They arrested him, and he was charged for Mitchell Jones’ murder.

Where Is Dunte Lamont Holmes Now?

Mitchell Jones Murder Where Is Dunte Lamont Holmes Now

Once Dunte was in court, he pleaded guilty to assault. He also killed someone. Because of that, the judge sentenced him to life in prison for twelve years. Dunte is still in jail right now at the Jenkins Correctional Center.

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