Higehiro Season 2: Is It Still on the Cards? Know in Detail!

Higehiro Season 2 Is It Still on the Cards Know in Detail! (1)

The anime Higehiro is about a boy who gets rejected by a girl he likes. Then, he shaves his hair and takes in a high school runaway. There are many fans of the show waiting for season two to come out.

The first season of this anime was loved by most people, and many people want the next season. It is easy to see why because it is loved by most people. There are two chances that Higehiro will be renewed. There is no word yet on the future of the show. It ended in season one, with volume 5 being published in June 2021. A concern would be what happens in the light novel, which is mostly finished by the end of season 1.

Season 2 of Higehiro is not confirmed yet; the person who writes this anime said that he would put it as a spin-off work. That means waiting for more news! Higehiro Season 2 might not happen. But if it doesn’t, there might be an OVA episode or anime movie instead.

This is a story about a handsome young man who works for an IT company. He likes his coworker Airi Gotou. One day he asked her if she liked him too, and she said no. A high school girl was sitting under a telephone pole, and she needed a place to go. The man named Yoshida let her stay with him.

Yoshida asks Sayu why she came to his house. Sayu had to run away from her family and home in Hokkaido. She has one-night stands with people to earn money for herself. Yoshida feels bad and does not want to kick her out of his house.

There is no Detail about the second season of Higehiro. We will update you as soon as we know something new. Check out Devdiscourse for the latest news on the Japanese anime series.

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