Cal Thomas: Threats of more lawlessness in New York

Cal Thomas Threats of more lawlessness in New York

Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York City, met last week with Hawk Newsome. He is one of the founders of Black Lives Matter. Newsome said that if the police anti-crime unit is reinstated, there will be fires and blood.

“Lawlessness is lawlessness. Anarchy is anarchy. Neither race nor color nor anger is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy.” Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, said that no matter your race or color, you should not fight against law and order.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, met with Hawk Newsome. He is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter. He warned that there would be riots and bloodshed if Adams reinstated the NYPD’s controversial anti-crime unit.

The unit was also responsible for reducing some crimes in the city. But they were also blamed for shootings that happened in black and brown communities.

Mr. Adams said that he wouldn’t stand for negative comments or threats. Good for him. One hopes Adams, who used to be a police officer, will follow through on his promise. There is too much intimidation from groups that have never held public office, and they are not accountable for their actions. Black Lives Matter is not the only one like this. Some people believe in QAnon and the Proud Boys. They “stormed” our Capitol on January 6th.

Looting and property destruction is happening in cities. Prosecutors and judges don’t care much about the real victims. They just care about the criminals who are the victims of racism, poverty, or ignorance.

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On the scene, BLM was a group of people who were fighting for rights. Some white people, including friends of mine, made the logo and put it on their social media pages and signs in front of their house. Large companies gave money to these people. Few delved into the philosophy and background of BLM.

The Heritage Foundation found a 2015 interview with BLM leaders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. In the interview, Cullors said, “Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” That same year, reported Heritage That year, some people said that Tometi was talking to another country’s ruler. They had a different opinion of him. They said he was doing good things for the country.

Some people in Venezuela don’t agree. Other people in Venezuela struggle to get basic needs like medicine, food, and surgery to stay alive.

People should be punished if they break the law. They should go to jail. If they destroy property, they should have to pay back the value of it to the business. If they use government assistance, their payments will be lowered or even eliminated until the debt is paid.

Gun ownership should be made easier for everyone. If someone threatens you with a weapon, then the person who shoots in self-defense will have the support of the legal system.

Criminals rule in many of our cities. Leftist judges and district attorneys let them get away with their crimes or give them less punishment than they deserve. We should vote against these people in the city where they are elected, just like we are doing with school board members who teach what the parents do not agree with.

If judges and district attorneys let people who commit crimes get away with them, or punish them less, then they should not be elected. They should be voted out, just like some school board members who teach things that parents don’t like.

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