Teenage Boy Arrested in Denver Shooting Death

Teenage Boy Arrested in Denver Shooting Death

On Monday night, a teenage boy was arrested. He had something to do with the shooting of another teenage boy that happened last night. The shooting was near Northfield High School. The police told people about the shooting at 8:30 p.m.

The victim was shot. He went to the hospital. After The next day, he died from his injuries. Police said that they found the person who did the crime. They were a juvenile and were arrested Monday on an investigation of first-degree murder.

Police will not tell you the name of the suspect. They won’t tell you what led up to the shooting, but they will say that they know who it is.

The police are still investigating the shooting.

If you know about a crime, call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. They are an organization that wants to stop crimes. If they catch the criminal, they will give you $2,000 in rewards.

The medical examiner in Denver will release the name of the victim of this crime in a few days.

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