Support for Black Lives Matter movement is declining, according to new poll

A new report shows that Americans have fewer opinions about the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis a year and a half ago. This is because he wasn’t as famous as other people who have been killed by police.

According to a poll in April, 44% of people said they oppose the Black Lives Matter movement. Another 43% said they support it, while 11% said they neither support nor oppose it. The poll has tracked people’s opinions at different times from April 2017 to now.

Some people support the Black Lives Matter movement. The support went up in June 2020 to 52%. People have been angry about what happened to Mr. Floyd, who died after being choked by a police officer for 10 minutes.

There is opposition to the BLM. People do not agree with them. There has been a shooting by police officers of a Black man and the conviction of someone in the murder of Floyd.

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Many people who are white disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement because they think it is unfair to them. People have different opinions about racial justice movements, so this is normal. 

Robertson said the survey shows that there has been a historical phenomenon when it comes to Black Americans and civil rights movements.

These polls show how America feels. There is no evidence that America has ever been interested in Black liberation or building an equitable society. We are coming to terms with the fact that our ideals are not reflecting our political realities. And the truth is, Americans have always struggled with liberating Black bodies because we are a racist country.

Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013. They started as a hashtag. Today, they are a group of people who fight for other people’s rights. Their focus has changed to more structural reforms.

Robertson said he believes that more people became aware of problems in the Black community, such as police brutality, during the Covid-19 pandemic. But with the pandemic over now, support for movements like Black Lives Matter has also gone away.

Mr. Robertson said, “Our country is going back to default.” We need to reconstruct the game and make it into something that we can actually move beyond winning people over.

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