Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6, Spoilers timeline, Where to watch?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 6, Spoilers timeline, Where to watch (1)

Before this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, there was an explosion. It scared everyone in Season 18. It made Owen think about his military experience, and he wanted to be the one to save people. He was right, so he took charge of the situation.

The firefighter was one of the people that Bailey wanted to help. Vic had been hurt and needed help. When Ben and Gibson came out of another fire truck without any sirens, Bailey felt better. It turned out that the dead firefighter was Dean Miller, who died because of his injury from an explosion after being rescued.

Grey’s Anatomy is a show about a doctor. In one episode, the doctor goes to work and does surgery with his friend Ben.

Ben told Bailey that Miller wanted him to be his daughter’s guardian. He had not shared it with her before because he did not know if they would die. But now Miller is dead, and Bailey went back to being sick. She realized that part of their family was gone.

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Hayes and Meghan helped take care of Meghan’s son when he had surgery. Owen was also sad because he has post-partum depression. Teddy looked after all the other patients. After the son recovered, they rejoined her in the hospital. Meredith had to work with David Hamilton, who was not happy that she was doing this study. Meredith says she can choose to do things that people want her to do or not do things she doesn’t want to do.

Grey’s Anatomy, episode five of season 18,

When Meredith and Nick were at Jo’s house, Bailey was trying to find someone to take Pru. But she is afraid that someone else will kidnap the girl. Bailey started to like Pru because of her eyes and words. But Meredith and Nick had a kiss before they left.

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