“Crown of Tears 2”: Why Adriana Louvier Will Not Be in Season 2

“Crown of Tears 2” Why Adriana Louvier Will Not Be in Season 2 (1)

“Crown of Tears” is a Mexican telenovela that came out in 2012. It stars people like Victoria Ruffo, José María Torre, Mane de la Parra and Alejandro Nones. It also has Ernesto Laguardia and Adriana Louvier in parts where they are bad people.

A while ago, we learned that a new production of the show would happen, and most of the previous cast will be part of it. But one character was not confirmed: Adriana Louvier, who played Olga.

Back when the producer Jose Alberto Castro said in an interview with The person hoped that the actress would be in the novel again. He is talking with her because she has some projects and they are trying to figure out if her times can be squared.

A 41-year-old actress could not decide what to do. She said ‘No’ when asked if she would be in a movie. People were sad because they followed her on Instagram and liked her messages.

He didn’t come because he is busy in these months. He has to take care of a lot of things, so he can’t come. I have a work commitment that is for two series; for this reason, we worked hard to be able to combine the projects. However, it was difficult because of the dates.

Although he is sorry that he could not be part of the second season, he hopes that the project will be successful. He guarantees that the plot is captivating. The interpreter said, “I always wish the production the best. I love you very much. History is already written, and the story is very good.”

The stars in “Crown of Tears 2” are Victoria Ruffo and her three children. They are the protagonist, and they also play the antagonist Ernesto Laguardia.

Various Mexican actors have been at Televisa San Ángel, where they can do casting. This is where you will find the actors who are going to play the part of Adriana Louvier.

The actress who played Aida in the movie “Teresa” was one of the first people to be seen on the set of Aztec.

The popular villain of soap operas such as “When I fall in love” or “A refuge for love” was also present.

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