Chicago Fire Season 10 to Introduce a New Rookie

Chicago Fire Season 10 to Introduce a New Rookie (1)

Chicago Fire Season 10 has been pretty interesting because there have been many changes. One change is that Jesse Spencer left the show, and Brett Dalton joined. There were a lot of changes in Chicago Fire season 10.

This season, there have been many changes in leadership. On the show, a new person is coming. They might be introduced this season.

Who’s joining the Chicago Fire season 10 cast?

Ynez Spencer will be in the new season of Chicago Fire. She was on a local news report. She is going to play 51’s, a new candidate. This makes sense because it has been a few years since the last time they had one.

Spencer has been training with the Lubbock fire department so he can be a good actor. But he cannot come to the show yet because it is not on now. When it comes back, Spencer will play a role in the show.

Adding a new rookie would be interesting because it would mean that Gallo (Alberto Rosende) would no longer be 51’s greenest member. That might also shake things up at 51.

One Chicago Center has the latest Chicago Fire season 10 spoilers and news. It also has more on the entire series too.

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