Why Is Outlander Season 6 So Short?

Why Is Outlander Season 6 So Short (1) (1)

Outlander Season 6 will have 8 episodes. There are usually more episodes in a season. This is not good for the future of the show.

The show, Outlander, will have only eight episodes next season. This is not as many episodes as they usually have, which makes it shorter than usual. It may be a problem for some fans because there are not enough episodes to watch.

Caitriona Balfe was pregnant while filming Season 3. This made production move episodes around and film out of order so that they didn’t film when she was closer to the end of her pregnancy. It would have been harder to move the clothing around if there was a bump in the front.

Outlander Season 6 is to blame for the pandemic.

The production for the show is blaming their decision of not filming on the pandemic. Episodes are taking longer to film because of the pandemic protocols. This is happening with all productions, so it is not untrue. However, this might not be the only reason why episodes are taking longer to film.

The pandemic means that some scenes are not safe for filming. Scenes with large groups of people or certain intimate scenes are not good, and this series is not COVID-friendly. So production might have decided to wait until restrictions start to be lifted before they film again. Filming will start when the restrictions are removed.

We know that Caitriona Balfe was pregnant when she was filming season 3. Production had to move episodes around and film out of order to avoid filming when Balfe was towards the end of her pregnancy. We also think that it would have been harder for them to hide the bump with this type of clothing.

The actress who played the mother on the show gave birth not long after filming wrapped in June. She couldn’t work for a while because of this. This is probably why there are only 5 episodes of this season. It makes sense!

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