Two Suspects in Marion County Robberies Have Been Arrested

Two Suspects in Marion County Robberies Have Been Arrested (1)

Two people who hurt other people with guns have been arrested.

Detectives from Marion County say that two people robbed three stores. They are responsible for robbing three stores between October 2019 and August 2020.

At the time of their arrests, both Ashley Danielle Helm and Jabari Marquise Scott were in jail because they had committed other crimes. Ashley was in the Lake County Jail for a robbery. Jabari was in prison for a robbery that he did not commit.

Ashley Danielle Helm  

Detectives say that Helm robbed the Pac A Sac store on State Road 40 on October 6, 2019.

A woman came into the business and asked for money. She said, “I need the money out of the register,” and did not show a weapon. A victim put money in a plastic bag, and the suspect took the money and left it in a car.

Four days later, a woman with a gun went to the Circle K at 16991 E. SR 40 and made the clerk give her money from the register.

A clerk and a robber argued. The cash was later removed from the register and given to the robber, who left it in a car. Deputies were told that the robber wore a mask that covered their faces from their nose down.

Detectives reviewed the video of the robberies. They noticed that the robber looked like he had similar features and clothes. The car was also the same.

The detective found the car, which belonged to Helm. It was the same car that had been used in a robbery of a Circle K on US 441 in Lady Lake.

Helm, then age 20, was arrested by Lady Lake Police Department officers. They said that she had a gun in her possession.

Miller and Getford interviewed Helm in Lake County. They say that she confessed to robberies in both Marion and Lake Counties. The gun found on her was also used at the Marion County Circle K robbery.

Helm and her father were going to be thrown out of their home, and they needed the money. The report said this. Detectives said that Helm told them that if he wasn’t stopped, he would have continued to rob businesses.

Helm was booked into a jail called Marion. She is charged with robbery, and her bail is set at $70,000.

Jabari Marquise Scott

Detectives think that Scott, who is 30 years old, was one of two people who broke into a house in Leesburg. They say these people had guns and took the victims’ wallets, money, and phones.

In late August of 2020, there was an incident. Police said that.

Scott was arrested a few days later by people from Leesburg Police Department. He got in trouble because he went to Leesburg High School and gave a false name. The police found drugs and a flare gun, which is not allowed.

Scott was put in jail by the state of [state] in April 2021 for [offense]. He is set to get out of prison in July 2023.

The sheriff has a warrant for Scott. He was transferred from state prison to county jail on Monday. Police are still looking for a second person.

If you have any information about the August 2020 incident, call (352) 369-6715 or Crime Stoppers at 368-STOP. You can also submit tips online at

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