Former Trump Aide Mark Meadows Fails to Appear Before Jan. 6 Committee

Former Trump Aide Mark Meadows Fails to Appear Before Jan. 6 Committee

WASHINGTON — Mark Meadows, the last chief of staff for President Donald Trump, did not show up to a hearing. It was by the House committee that is investigating the attack on Jan. 6.

The meadows did not show up for the deposition. A dozen people walked out of the room, including investigators and staff. Meadows was scheduled to be there at 10 a.m., but he didn’t show up.

This man did not show up to a meeting. This is a day after his lawyer, George Terwilliger, suggested that he might not cooperate.

A Congressman said that the President is not doing anything to protect presidential communications from being compelled. The President has asked his staff not to give Congress any information about what he says. If the courts rule that Congressional members have a right to talk with people who work for the President, then people will have to go into court and figure out if these people should speak with Congress.

The committee chair is Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi., who said in a letter that he still wants Bill Meadows to give them all his documents and come to their office for an interview tomorrow.

If you have any Question about the deposition that might be a good reason for the privilege, then you should say them on the record during that time. You can then ask for a review by other people, like judges.

Thompson said that if Meadows refuses to answer the questions, Congress may give him contempt of congress charges. Just like they did with Steve Bannon.

Meanwhile, we expected to get information about the attack on Trump. But a court did not let us and will not give it back.

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