At Least One Dead in Iron Range Crash

At Least One Dead in Iron Range Crash (1)

DULUTH — A crash happened on the Iron Range. There are people who are dead and people who are hurt.

A Toyota Corolla traveling west on State Hwy. 135 in Gilbert, Minn., lost control on an icy road. Its crossed into the eastbound lane and hit a Toyota Yaris. Another car traveling east struck the Corolla after it had already been hit by another car, a Chevrolet Malibu.

On Saturday, we will tell you about the person who was driving the Corolla and the 11-year-old passenger.

A 6-year-old passenger in one car was injured. But there was a 10-year old girl who had an injury that was life-threatening. The drivers of the other cars were also hurt, but not seriously.

Jana Hollingsworth


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