Travis Scott’s Astroworld Concertgoer Declared Brain Dead

Travis Scott's Astroworld Concertgoer Declared Brain Dead (1)

A victim of Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy has been declared brain dead. Bharti Shahani, a Texas A&M University senior, was hurt in the crowd surge.8 people died, and many others were injured.

The family says that Bharti is on a ventilator, and they are meeting to decide what to do. According to the outlet, the 22-year-old was separated from her sister and cousin when a crowd of people surged.

Namrata said once they let go of the woman’s hand, we saw her again in the hospital. Bharti went to the hospital. She had CPR on the way. Her family said she had heart attacks on the way.

Doctors said she has a small chance of survival, but we will pray. Her father is asking everyone in Houston to pray for her because maybe miracles happen.

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