Travis Scott Covering Funeral Costs of Victims of Astroworld Mayhem

Travis Scott Covering Funeral Costs of Victims of Astroworld Mayhem (1)

Rapper Travis Scott says he would pay for the funeral costs for the eight people who died at his concert on Friday.

Scott also announced a partnership with BetterHelp. People who were at the concert on Friday night will get free mental health services for one month.

Travis is talking to the city of Houston, law enforcement, and first responders. He wants to be respectful and appropriate with people who are involved. Travis also plans on doing other things because he doesn’t want anyone to suffer anymore.

At the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, there were 500,000 people. People pushed against each other, and some got hurt.

The people who paid for tickets to go see Astroworld on Friday are getting their money back. So are the people who bought tickets to see it on Saturday before it was canceled.

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I am very sad about what happened last night. My prayers go out to the families and people who were impacted by the Astroworld Festival.

People at a festival said that people were passing out and getting trampled on.

People yelled for help, but no one helped them. People were screaming, and they couldn’t get out of the building because their legs didn’t work.

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